Dr. Rajendra Singh

Our research group, led by Dr. Rajendra Singh, focuses on the exploration and development of emerging semiconductor nanomaterials and thin films for novel applications in electronic and photonic devices. Our research interests include synthesis materials and their applications in devices like two-dimensional (2D) materials (MoS2 & Graphene), Ga2O3 thin films, GaN and Ga2O3 as well as GaN nanowires and organic-inorganic hybrid materials. 

News & Highlights

  • Congratulations to Mukesh Kumar and Chandra Sekhar Pathak  for submitting PhD thesis

  • Congratulations to Monika for Best poster award in ICMAT 2017 held at Singapore during 18-23 June 2017

  • Congratulations to Manjari Garg for Best poster award in Departmental Symposium on "Advances in Physics", held at IIT Delhi, India during 18-19 March 2017


  • Congratulations to Monika for Best poster award in ISSMD-4 conference, held at Kolkata, India during 8-10 March 2017

  • Our group paper entitled "Diameter tuning of Ga2O3 nanowires using chemical vapour deposition technique" has been accepted in Nanoscale Research Letter (2017)!!!

         The lab members in December 2016. Left to right: Ravi Pathak, Sukhdeep Gill, Chandan Sharma, Danish Ali, Aditya Singh,          

     Dr. Rajendra Singh, Chandra Shekhar Pathak, Bhera Ram Tak, Monika, Manjari Garg, Aarti, Mukesh Kumar, Prithu, Kapil Narang

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